There's nothing really surprising to be found elsewhere--each areas has streets, parks, and schools with football pitches--but the concept of touring around the country allows the areas to look more varied at least. The overworld contains restore points that let you pay PP (points earned through playing football) to heal your characters, as well as training points that let you pay to increase a character's stats, such as power and speed. Even the infection mechanic had promise, though it too is let down by the item scarcity and abysmal AI. The gist: a zombie might infect you with the T-virus. You can heal yourself with an antiviral spray, but if you don't have a can, you end up sprinting about, hoping the telltale blue glimmer catches your eye before you fall victim to the virus's deadly curse. Should you fail, the AI takes over for you, and you can only watch as you barrel toward your teammates, who have no choice but to shoot you down. If you play with others, no harm done: they can revive your limp body and you live to fight another day. Your AI teammates, on the other hand, don't have the intelligence to restore breath to your downed lifeless corpse. You do all this from a single vantage point, earning morale (the minigame's currency) as Templars fall, and using it to place blockades and assassins. Not only does the whole thing seem out of place, but it isn't enjoyable on its own terms. It's nice that you can shoot marauders from above as your fellow assassins take aim with bows or leap onto their targets from rooftops. But your limited view is confining, and the gameplay is too simple to lead to a rewarding victory. To make things even less fun, the camera occasionally zooms in for a close-up of a falling enemy or brother. This cinematic touch was probably meant to add excitement to this unexciting process, but it's just aggravating. All it does is disrupt the flow. Then there are the character models, which look awful with the 3D slider on. They're messy, out of focus, and lack any of the clarity seen when the slider is off. Testing various slider settings on the 3DS yields no better results, and the game can become painful to play for long periods of time. It's a shame, because in battle the 3D adds some depth to the arena, which in theory should make fights clearer with a better chance to judge perspective, but in reality it's little more than an uncomfortable annoyance. In the 3DS version, you can no longer play the battles cooperatively with friends, and while losing the minor multiplayer aspects isn't a huge deal, it's another reason this port may not appeal over the original. All of the mayhem unfolds before handsome cel-shaded levels with varied, mostly destructible landscapes, such as Walt's rural countryside, a bombed-out city, and a Sonic-like foundry with molten steel or whatever else it might be that flows everywhere. The only visual problem is that the interface gets in the way too often, especially when dealing with flying foes that get lost in the meters and other stats at the top of the screen. Levels also have replay value because you are given a star rating based on the number of nuts collected that is impossible to max out the first time you complete one. Also, you need a certain number of total stars to unlock new levels, which pretty much forces you to backtrack at some point. Keeping up with the action is key, because this is a platformer built with the idea of player momentum firmly in mind. Most levels are

Back to the main menu, there?s also an option called Bonus Trailer, but it?s only a commercial for the Bee game. If you got enough points from the Story Mode, it?s time to spend them in the gift shop, unlocking new costumes for Shrek, Fiona or Donkey, or multiplayer maps, perhaps even new commentaries. Shrek the Third can be considered an original title, yet it borrows a lot from previous famous titles, like God of War, Crash Bandicoot and there?s even a little something from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Are fighting games a solution to all the violence between kids nowadays? Maybe, maybe not. Who are we to pose such questions? In-game violence is not a felony, but rather a sport or a game feature. SNK know the rules of the game and they kept the traditional style of fighting games that got Fatal Fury and Street Fighter to the top back in the old days. With a touch of new graphics and more characters, KOF 2006 is a perfect game to take with you when you're attending a teenage birthday party. It's also a pretty good relaxation "tool", because battles are not as stressful as they were in other games of the same genre, but more praised by the press. In the demo version of the Xbox 360 Fatal Inertia game, a split-screen multiplayer mode was available and it turns out that we'll see an online mode as well in the full game. Older games pertaining to the futuristic racing genre only allowed 2 player battles so far, so I was happy to see that you can race the AI and a human opponent at the same time. It all comes down to the best Xbox 360 joystick wielder and the player with the best accuracy... I wonder if the gamers that play this title on Microsoft's console will be able to participate in racing tournaments held by the ones that play the PS3 Fatal Inertia... We'll just have to wait and see... For more credits, you must do special cups that require certain parameters to be entered. It might the car's class, its engine power or simply the brand, but I assure you that those challenges are worth the effort, because they're the only game modes where you'll find some real AI. Probably that happens because they award you lots of cash, new cars and tracks to race on. Some gamers out there buy each GT for its goodies and I'm not talking about any normal BMW or Peugeot, but those F1 models, or hidden oldies tuned up to the present versions. Shelby Cobra, Lotus, Aston Martin and some very cool Chevies are the worst of these cars...imagine that! This being a huge game, you'll have to save quite a lot, in order to make sure that your progress is stored and you won't lose your hard work. These save points surface in the shape of a lighted question mark, available in towns, or any other location, but the world map, where you can save any time you want. By the way you can check out the entire world map, once you get out of towns and start traveling, in order to decide which route to follow in order to reach the next place Sephiroth has visited. The AI of the foes should be mentioned, as it's pretty challenging, specially when it comes to bosses and hidden enemies, like those pesky Weapons. An experiment at a secret research facility has gone catastrophically wrong. Daniel Lamb and Leo Kasper are the only surviving subjects. The Pickman Project will stop at nothing to hunt them down and stop the truth from getting out. Demented screams echo around the asylum that has caged you for the last six years. You open your eyes. A white-coated body slumps to the floor through your shaking hands. A bloody syringe slips from your arm. Waves of confusion and paranoia crash over you. You have no idea who you are or how you got

You're about to read a couple of spoilers, but don't worry as there's lots to find out as you'll get to play this in the first quarter of hour in the game. What's next? It's Kratos versus Zeus, round 1 and it's pretty clear who won the fight. Too bad that our favorite dies such a painful death, as you'll see in a very beautiful cutscene. He'll end up in hell, almost in the grasp of Hades. Ok, ok enough with the spoilers. It's enough to say that the titans and Gaia (or Geea) the mother of all the gods and titans join forces with Kratos in an attempt to dethrone Zeus. So, hop on your flaming Pegasus and go to the Sisters of Fate that will make you turn back time to the moment when Zeus fooled you and drained your power. Fiddy will interact with his surroundings, shooting barrels that explode or pushing dumpsters while taking cover behind them. You can load your push to hit the enemies with the dumpster and knock them out. The AI may be dumb, but the enemy's strength is more in the number, rather than in the intelligence. They keep spawning and spawning like there was some hidden portal open in the hood and everyone from World of Warcraft turned into homies and started hunting Fiddy. When you'll feel lost and won't know your tasks, check out the menu or get the tips with the aid of a phone call. If the phone rings, answer it by pressing the Nitham Nitham Nellu Soru Song button and that will usually inform you on what's happening or what's the next objective. Vincent won't be the only playable character and you'll get to play with Cait Sith, also, but he won't have much to do, as he's a pretty When Vincent is done shooting the same bad guys over and over again, he'll maybe want to take a ride on truck and fire its huge machine gun. The controls are pretty intuitive for this genre, as R1 is the classical shooting button, but now you'll use the L1 to cast a spell. The soldiers are pretty easy to dispatch and a funny, but useful thing is that you'll see the damage you do to them written above their heads. When you're facing bosses their health meter will appear on-screen and it will be depleted pretty soon considering that all of them are pretty easy to defeat. Enlarge picture If you thought that the game's single player mode was something special, wait till you get a taste out of the multiplayer mode. It features wireless play and the acclaimed game sharing, so there's no need for two friends to buy the same game for two PSP consoles. Battle Modes features 6 types of competition and the main racing mode, but this time you get to set the length of the battle in the selection menu. The fun doesn't end here, as there's the Knockout Mode, allowing you to start with 3 rings and knock them all out of your opponent in order to win. Passing to a more non-violent competition, Rings Battle offers you the chance to race against time, in an attempt to collect as many rings as you can. The AI is impressive, but since I've played other SH titles before, it still doesn't manage to surprise me. However, boss fights are as difficult as ever, forcing you to watch the "Game Over" screen more than once while preparing to load the last save and get ready for another good walloping. Origins features impressive environments for a PSP and tons of rooms you can explore, rivaling the PS2 versions of Konami's titles. Travis can use a variety of weapons and even other items to fight zombie nurses or huge blobs of meat crawling on Silent Hill's streets. You'll be able to use alcohol bottles, portable TV sets, drip stands, crow bars, typewriters and basically all the items you collect to hit the zombies in the head. This is probably the best part of the game, because there won't be any second of silence in Heatseeker. Nitham Nitham Nellu Soru Song Picasso has always something to say, even if it's a piece of advice, a warning or a praise. In such games, if you h

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